Clint’s Story – –  Back to Health and an Active Life

Three years ago I had a major spinal injury that destroyed my life in more ways than one.  My injury caused major sciatic pain on the left side of my body and even temporarily contorted my body to stand at a 45° angle.  The pain was like hitting your funny bone but a million times worse with the searing pain blasting 24/7 for months at a time.  My body eventually broke down as did my mental well being; the pain was driving me crazy!  I couldn’t even remember where I was half the time, had tremors throughout my body, constant headaches, & constant spasms.  Not only did the spinal injury affect my quality of life but it started to affect my job and soon, my finances.  I eventually lost my job and only had enough money to barely pay my bills; I was unemployed for the majority of my injury.  Over the span of time my body gained 50lbs, my left leg was dwindling in size, each and every step I made had to be seriously considered, the gastrointestinal problems were a constant problem, and I was bedridden for the majority of the three years.  My spinal injury was ruining my life and I couldn’t really do anything about it.

Seeing a doctor was very hard at that time because I had neither insurance nor the money to see one.  Eventually I was able to get covered under the Affordable Care Act and was able to see a doctor here and there, but they would only prescribe me drugs and not give me any lasting, correctional treatments.  I’ve even seen acupuncturists here and there but the results were weak at best.  Luckily, I was able to land a part-time gig selling cheese at the local farmers market and that’s where I met Dr. Paul Zuchowski in August 2015.  Doctor Zuchowski was immediately understanding of what was going on with my condition; you’d be surprised how many people didn’t believe in my spinal injury!  During my consultation we both found out that my spine was in worse shape than I imagined; one of my disks was nearly worn away, my hip was severely out of alignment, and I lost 95% of the curvature of my neck.  Even though I wasn’t making much money because of my injury, Dr. Zuchowski out of the kindness of his enormous heart worked with my budget; how could I say no to that?  This was the best choice I could have ever made and that was to trust in Dr. Zuchowski.

My first adjustment was a real eye opener because I didn’t really know what to expect.  It was so quick but the results were immediate I noticed; once I stood up after being adjusted I felt a huge surge of energy return to me as well as the feeling that I grew two inches!  I couldn’t believe within a few adjustments my life was already taking a turn for the better.  Within two weeks the turn around was very real and I was able to go on my camping trip in Oregon after my 3rd week in September!  I wasn’t able to go on long hikes like I used to but I was able to handle some minor rock climbing, sleeping on a hard surface in nature, and the long drive only had minimal soreness versus the searing pain on my left side.  Not only was I able to enjoy myself on a much needed vacation, my gastrointestinal issues disappeared after the first adjustment – no more IBS every 15 minutes!  No more pain when I sneeze and cough, no more pain when using the restroom, and the dread of being stuck with crippling misery was gone.  It’s been just over 3 months out my 6 month correctional treatment and I have to say seeing Dr. Zuchowski has been the best choice I’ve ever made.  If you are reading this and you’ve been living in pain like I have, please ask yourself, “Why do you allow yourself to live like this?  Why be miserable?  What is holding you back from being happy?  Why all the lame excuses?”  Personally, I thought I could just grit my teeth and walk off my spinal injury, that it’ll get better with time – I kept telling myself this while bedridden.  Don’t do what I did and let Dr. Zuchowski help you.  His experience and skill will help you get back on your feet and back to the life you once loved to live.  No pills or drugs, no surgery, no more disbelief from insensitive people, and no more pain and misery from having a spinal injury.  There is hope and there is a way with Dr. Zuchowski’s family practice; if you take the time to pay attention to your body you’ll notice the dramatic change as I did in your first adjustment too.  Your eyes will open too like mine did, trust me on this one.

Thank you Dr. Paul Zuchowski for giving me my life back!

-Clint H-


There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Before seeing Dr. Zuchowski my life was reduced to sitting most of the day.  I was very depressed, unable to go anywhere or do anything due to my severe back pain.  I had to rely on friends and family to do my normal everyday activities.  I couldn’t even walk to my mailbox or stand long enough to take a shower.  I had been to Doctor after Doctor, one must giving me more and more pain killers, which would make me a zombie.  Another telling me he could “try” putting a screw in my pelvis to stabilize my hip.

Then my mom saw Dr. Zuchowski’s ad in the paper.  I was apprehensive, but I was willing to try anything.  When I went in for my initial evaluation, I could barely stand long enough or straight enough to take the x-ray of my spine.  Dr. Z told me he could help me and how long it would take.  He did exactly that.  I now do my own shopping.  I can mop my own floors and stand in the shower with ease.  I can do things that I haven’t done in years.  I’ve lost weight because I’m more active, and I’m no longer depressed.  I’ve started projects in my home that I’ve put off for years!  I’ve gotten my life back!

I’m now on wellness care and Dr. Z is now helping my mom with her back and neck pain.  I’m completely confident that he will help her as he did me.  When we go for our treatments we never have to wait long and Dr. Z and Mary make you feel like family, not just another paitent.

I’m so glad my mom saw their ad in the paper, because my life would not be what it is today!

Thank you so much Dr. Z for giving me that light at the end of the tunnel!

Linda R.

Karen B’s – My Testimonial

I’ve been suffering from scoliosis for 5 years.  My back was shaped like an “s”, so I would have constant neck, shoulder & lower back pain.  Just recently I experienced the worse pain, which was located in my Coccyx (tailbone).  I couldn’t walk, sit for a long period of time, bend or rotate my hips in any way without being in pain.  Because of that, I couldn’t play basketball or snowboard, which were some of the things that I love to do.  I as being held back from my lifestyle because of my scoliosis, which was pretty depressing.

I was sent from doctor to doctor for many years.  It went from just your ordinary doctor who gave me a back brace, to an orthopedic specialist who gave me pills to help the pain.  Although the pills did help the pain, in the end none of these “treatments” fixed my scoliosis.  Plus the pills that I had to take made me so drowsy that I couldn’t function properly in school.

I was referred to Chiropractic Care from a friend.  She said that she had Chiropractic Care in the past & it worked for her.  So I agreed to go since I’ve tried everything else, so why not.  Well going to Dr. Zuchowski literally changed my life.  I have no pain in my lower back or coccyx & the pain in my neck & shoulder has decreased.  I didn’t have to use a brace or take pills.  Now I can’t wait for winter so that I can snowboard again.  I seriously thank Dr. Zuchowski for everything that he’s done, because without him, I would still be popping pills to numb the pain.  Karen B.

“A Life Changing Experience”

I Met Dr. Zuchowski at the Taste of Morgan Hill in 2001 when he had a booth for Chiropractic Care. I had been suffering from infertility for several years and he said he thought I would be a good candidate for overall Chiropractic Care.

Though a bit skeptical, I decided to start treatment and was pleasantly surprised. I was 40 years old and was told by several specialists that between my husband and I we had several reasons why we would have problems conceiving. I had several failed IVF treatments (about $25,000) and had pretty much given up hope that we could conceive a child the old fashioned way.

After about 6 months of treatments, I came back from a vacation to discover I was pregnant with my first child. She was perfect in every way (Catherine now 8) and I also was able to conceive my second daughter, Caroline, 2 ½ years later naturally and she too was healthy at birth.

When my youngest had colic I immediately thought of Dr. Z to adjust my infant and to my surprise the symptoms lifted after a few short weeks of treatment. I am amazed at how good I feel with continued Chiropractic care and I also take my daughters in for adjustments to ensure their good health.

– Pam D.

“Living Life Like Never Before”

Both my sister (Gita) and I (Niranjani) had several problems before we started seeing Dr. Zuchowski. I had problems in my lower and mid back as well as problems with Sciatica off and on. In the past when I would stand on my feet for an extended period of time it would cause me to have pain in my mid back. I was feeling like I was not firmly grounded when I walked. My sister Gita had been suffering from mid back and severe lower right back problems for at least 25 years. We both tried deep tissue massages and it helped me from 2000 to 2010. My sister Gita also tried acupuncture and it helped her temporarily. I started to notice that my problems related to Sciatica and back were becoming more prominent and I didn’t feel that my body was completely integrated. Gita in July of 2011 had to cancel a trip to Switzerland due to severe lower back pain that she experienced a week before her departure. We were both looking for some type of permanent solution.

In September of 2011 my sister Gita and I met Dr. Zuchowski at Kaiser Permanente Farmer’s Market. He told us that he could help and encouraged us both to see him in his consulting office. My sister and I visited him at his consulting office and he did an EMG exam and took some X-rays. He explained to us how he could help relieve our pain and solve our problems with traditional Chiropractic care. Dr. Zuchowski recommended a 6 month long treatment consisting of adjustment to remove nerve interference (subluxation) and restructuring the spine to its most biochemical position. It has been 5-6 months and I feel completed healed. I am more comfortable doing various yoga postures (that were not so comfortable before treatment) and I feel firmly grounded. I can stand for extended hours without pain in my central and lower back. I have not experienced Sciatica related problems. I cannot thank Dr. Z enough. Thank you seems like a small word. He made a world of difference to me.

Gita started to feel improvement in January 2012. Since March she feels completely pain free in her lower right back and 80% improvement in her central. She is able to spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen; she recently visited India and experienced no problems associated with her back pain. She feels truly indebted to Dr. Zuchowski for his expert handling of her case and healing her.

We feel truly fortunate to have met Dr. Zuchowski. We hope that our experiences will encourage others to try Chiropractic care. With all the methods we have tried to solve our problems we have Chiropractic care has been the best method. I am amazed at how much scientific chiropractic care can help and get terrific results. Chiropractic “as practiced today” is wonderful.

– Gita P. & Niranjani P.

“Great Care for the Whole Family”

Mom, Josh and I came to Dr. Z after being away from Chiropractic Care for several years. I could only stand for about 5 minutes at a time. I would have to sit down for a few minutes to stop the pain that ran down my leg. It was a horrible cycle just to try and live life.

We have two acres, which we maintain ourselves, and Gardening for hours is a daily ritual. We also maintain 4 houses and three apartments. We walk daily, bowl twice a week, swim and in general have very active lives.

Mom was having knee problems, which severely hampered her daily life. She had also experienced back problems that she did not want to go through again. Josh decided to take positive action before he experienced any real problems so we all started Chiropractic Care again.

After the issues that brought us to Dr. Z initially were corrected we continued on a weekly basis. Why? Because we learned first hand that Chiropractic maintenance is essential to a healthy life. Life is full of ups and downs. If we experience any problems we bounce back quickly.

Maintenance is the key to a healthy and happy life, which is why we feel and believe Chiropractic is to the body as miracle–gro is to plants! Like a saving grace to miracle of life, keeping in alignment and balance, the power and harmony of life.

Years of dedication to maintenance is an amazing experience and the changes have been beneficial to not only our bodies but our minds and spirits as well!

Dr. Zuchowski will always be more than our Chiropractor. He’s a friend and mentor who’s always willing to share his expertise with humor and sincerity making the adjustments enjoyable and something we all look forward to!

– Belchers Family

“A Breath Taking Experience”

I had respiratory and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary problems. These problems caused shortness of breath, chest tightness, racing heart, sneezing, coughing and my chest filled up with mucus.

All these symptoms worsened at night and not being able to cough up the mucus really made it difficult to sleep. The medical doctors said having asthma and COPD triggered many of these problems. I was desperate to find something to help me.

Well one day as I was reading the Mercury News I saw an ad for Dr. Zuchowski offering the exam, consultation and x-rays for $37 and I decided to take advantage of the offer just to see if there was anything he could do to help me. I am very happy that I came to see him. I started treatment in April 2012 and I am now 90% better!!!

– Dorothy J.

“It Keeps Me Going”

Dr. Paul Zuchowski was recommended to me by one of my colleagues about ten years ago. At the time I was suffering from severe back pain that was magnified by a bike accident I had about seven years prior. I experienced pain if I stood for more than five minutes and riding a bike had become rather painful. I made an appointment with Dr. Zuchowski , he executed his “report of findings” to identify the areas of my spinal column that required adjustment. During the  early stated of my treatment he gave me an education seminar on the value of chiropractic treatment. After a few weeks of treatments, I started to feel much better. Over the years my insurance coverage has changes and covers less and still I have elected to continue my treatments with Dr. Zuchowski. He has enabled me to continue my very active lifestyle mostly pain free.

-Roosevelt B.

No More Migraines

I had severe migraines before I become an employee and once I started to work here my treatment started and my migraines disappeared and so did the medication.

Having experienced that, I became more passionate about helping others and gain excitement watching our patients leave here with BIG smiles and lots of thank you for how great they are feeling. I look forward to spending many more years here and being part of changing people’s lives for the better.

– Milly

“Blessed Magic Hands”

I have tried numerous chiropractors, doctors, specialists, traction, accupuncture, pain pills and loads of exercise in search of relief from constant back pain which has resulted as a side beffect from polio that i had at the age of 13. Unfortunately they have failed to give me relief.

I am now 70 and Dr. Paul has drastically reduced my pain. He treats the entire body with no need toundress. He has helped get rid of my migraines, upset stomach and ease my breathing. Now not only do i see Dr. Zuchowski but both my daughters do to…….

– Inez S.

“Got My Happy Back.”

I had just gotten out of Color Guard practice and was crossing the street when a car struck me. I was hit so hard that my shoes flew off. I went to the hospital and because of trauma from the accident I was not able to perform in my Color Guard Championship Competition. I am the Co-Captain of the team so this was really frustrating.

I was seen by the medical doctors at the hospital and was told that I may not be able participate in Color Guard anymore. That was really upsetting because being able to participate in Color Guard is the source of my happiness.

I was referred to Dr. Zuchowski and after only a couple weeks of seeing him I am feeling so much better and I am confident that if I had an upcoming show I would be capable of performing. I now know that next year I will be able to do what I love.

Sandra S.

“Not Only Pain Free But Medicine Free Too”

About 2 years ago I hurt my lower back from carrying a golf bag. This lower back pain kept me from performing my job duties as a nurse and worst of all it kept me from playing golf because of how painful it was. Through an examination by a Doctor at the hospital I was diagnosed with Sciatic Nerve Damage. I was given a prescription for Vicodin and a strong inflammatory drug. The medicine eased the pain temporarily but it didn’t relieve it completely, and when the drug wore out I felt more pain. I went to Physical Therapy for 3 times a week but had no improvement. The Medical Doctor suggested Steroid Injection or Surgery.

I opted not to do either. I stopped taking the pain pills for fear of becoming addicted. I decided then to just live the pain in hopes of being able to adapt to it. I thought of having a massage so I made an appointment for a back massage. The lady recommended I see a Chiropractor. I work as a nurse and I was skeptical about Chiropractic management, fearing they may break my bones or spine, but as a last resource, I gave it a try. I met Dr. Zuchowski (Chiropractor) and he did an exam and adjusted me. After that for the first time, I felt much better. I was able to move more with less or no pain. After 3 adjustments there was no more pain. After 2 weeks of treatment, I am back to work and play golf. Now I am very convinced that Chiropractors should be first in line for any problem, not only for back discomfort but also for any ailment.

– Belen W.

“Three Generation Of Health”

I, Mike Maziumyan, started going to Dr. Z since 2003 because of servers back pain which didn’t allowed me to stand up. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. As I started seeing the benefits of chiropractic care I brought in my family for the care as well.

My family for the care as well. My family members had pains like back pains, shoulder pains, frequent headaches and ear infections with the kids. Dr. Z designed a very affordable family plan to suit our financial needs. We have been coming to the office since then and have all our problems taken care of. Currently, we are coming in for maintenance to keep our optimum health. We would recommend for Zuchowski Family Chiropractic Center for Primary choice of well care.

– Mike Mazlumyan & Family

“Angel of Mercy”

Congratulations on your 30 year anniversary of your chiropractic career. I can only imagine how many people you have helped over these past three decades. Your family must be extremely proud.

Personally, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your concern, time and effort you have put forth into improving my health.  I believe fate intervened when I was limping down the street of Morgan Hill Art and Wine Festival. My husband spotted you and dragged me over to meet you. It was like looking into the eyes of my “Angel of Mercy.” With an upcoming flight to Barcelona, and a cruise throughout Spain and Portugal, I was 95% sure I was NOT going to make the trip. However, within two short weeks, you gave me the strength, confidence and helpful advice that I need to go for it. I will be forever grateful. Now eight month later, I continue to have a few aches and pain but nothing compared to my fist visit. I am a “work in progress” and look forward to a lifetime of your continued care and treatment.

-Susan H.

 “A New Beginning”

I had been suffering from a lot of back pain as well as constant headaches for many years. I would go to bed with back pain and would wake up with back pain.

I was walking around a farmers market where I met Dr. Zuchowski. He had a booth set up and was offering free spinal exams and after the exam he offered me a certificate for  free consultation, exam and x-rays at his office. I’m glad I accepted it because at the appointment he told me where the problem was and what he could do to help.

I started treatment and about two months later I started to feel a lot better and my constant headaches had gone away. I can now pick up my grandchildren and still feel good afterwards. I was able to see my X-rays at the beginning as well as the last one and at the beginning L5 was very narrow and now It’s open about double the size.

I would highly recommend Dr. Zuchowski  if you are tired of having back pain.

– Alicia N.