Marching Band & Chiropractic!! What??!!

Our youngest son, Justin, is Senior in high school. This is his fourth year in Marching Band. He loves it. He has gotten to travel to China, Disneyland, and march in the Rose Parade. It has been a great experience for him. Band & Color Guard are great activities for your children and it’s really the best kept secret for the amount of fun and great experiences these kids have with this activity. Well it’s marching season so what that means is practice, practice and more practice. These kids put in so much rehearsal time to perfect their show. You would probably be surprised at the amount of time, energy and effort that goes into the drill and finished product.

It starts out by learning the drill. Everyone has a set pattern of movement. They work together as a team, everyone learns to be where they are supposed to be at any given time all the while playing complicated music and keeping their eyes on the drum major. So, you may ask, how does this relate to Chiropractic? Well, I’m going to try to pull an analogy out of this, but you will need to be a bit patient.

When you view the show during the band competitions, it is best to sit as high up in the stands as possible. This way you can see the intricate patterns and movements. At field level you have a limited view of the complexity of the show. Up high you can also spot when one of the members makes a slight error or is out of sync. It is very noticeable. You can see the free flowing patterns and you also can see that the members trust each other to be where they are supposed to be, because the space one member is occupying is the space another member will be in shortly. It is like a body working together with a purpose. You can only imagine what would happen if one members falls or fails to follow the drill. The music would probably continue as that’s the main responsibility but the overall performance is not what it was meant to be.

Now to Chiropractic. If you could view your nervous system from a high vantage point to see the intricate patterns and free flowing messages sent throughout your body, you would be amazed. Everything working together, paying attention to the brain (drum major) for direction and management. Relaying signals to all parts of your body so that they can function properly. Now imagine that there is an interference with this free flowing pattern. From your vantage point up high, you would immediately notice that something is wrong. That a nerve is not “performing” to its potential or proper function. From the ground level vantage point, the show continues and hardly a note is missed, all appears to be ok. Not so from the higher view. You begin to see the results of this interference. The well orchestrated body is now slightly out of tune. The signals are not being relayed properly. As time goes on, these sour notes become louder and eventually even from the field level you can hear that there is a problem with the show.

Interference often happens where the nerves exit through the spinal column putting a slight pressure and interrupting its effectiveness. When this happens it is called a subluxation. What Chiropractor’s do, is gently remove subluxations so that your nervous system can properly perform and be the well orchestrated system it was meant to be. Let the music play!!!

Health Matters,

Dr. Paul

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